Chapter 10

Fahrenheit already arrived from Taipei to Manila on the third Saturday of May. I can’t believe that they have fans here in the Philippines. I think my BFFs are already there at ABS-CBN. Tere sent me a text message, “Jie, where are you? We are already here.” They didn’t know that I’m already at the studio of Showtime. I just replied to her text message saying, “I’m here now, enjoying the show.” My BFFs waved at me as well as I waved them back. Also, I saw my cousins here at the studio.


Showtime started already. The hosts of the show namely Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Teddy Corpuz, Kim Ateinza, Jugs of Itchyworms, and Vice Ganda introduced Fahrenheit to perform a ballad. Fahrenheit sang “Ji Xu Ai / Keep Loving You.”


The clock stroke 12 noon. It’s time for Happy Yippee Yehey! The show had a game segment sponsored by Coca-Cola. Before the game started, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, one of the hosts of the said noontime show introduced Fahrenheit. They sang “Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni / Finding Happiness For You.”


At around 3:00pm, E-Live started airing and hosted by Nikki Gil, Cesca Litton, and Luis Manzano. The fans were screaming and finally, the hosts introduced Fahrenheit in an interview. First part would be the questions asked by the hosts then the second part would be the questions asked by four selected fans. Luckily, my four BFF friends were chosen to ask each one of them: Aileen for Jiro, Julienne for Aaron, Giselle for Chun, and Angel for Calvin.

Nikki: Guys, we had selected four lucky female fans to ask each one of you a question. Cesca, let’s start.

Cesca: Ok. First we have Aileen to ask Jiro. What’s your question for Jiro?

Aileen: Hello, Da Dong! I want to ask if you will be having a drama with Rainie Yang again after ToGetHer?

Jiro: Yes. We will be having another drama together so just wait for that. Ok?

Cesca: Next, we have Julienne for Aaron.

Julienne: Hi, Yalun! I had a Sina Weibo account and I smelled something fishy between you and former lead Gui Gui. Do you have a special relationship together? (fans were screaming)

Aaron: (blushing) Never mind that. We are just friends.

Luis: (to Aaron) Really? He said that they are friends. Then why are you blushing? (Aaron only smiles)

Cesca: Thank you, Julienne. Next, we have Giselle to ask Chun a question.

Giselle: Hi, Chun! You have a gym business in Brunei. Are you considering having a branch here in the Philippines?

Chun: Of course! I have Filipino employees working in my gym business at Brunei.

Nikki: Wow! That’s good news. Fans can’t wait for that.

Cesca: Lastly, here’s Angel to ask a question for Calvin.

Angel: Hi, Calvin! You had a Filipino girlfriend before and you revealed before that you and she had broken up. We know that you are single. If your Filipino ex-girlfriend is watching, do you have message for her?

Luis: (to Calvin) You had a Filipino girlfriend?

Nikki: Actually, his ex-girlfriend released an album in Taiwan and sold thousand units few years ago. If ever she’s watching, what would you say to her?

Calvin: (pauses for a moment) I’m very sorry if I made you upset. Please come back to me. I’m waiting for you. My heart still belongs with you. I don’t have any idea if you’re ok, but remember I’m always here for you.

Nikki: We hope that you and your ex-girlfriend would have a private conversation soon and clarify all the misunderstandings you both made.

Cesca: Thank you everyone and to the four girls who asked a question. Fahrenheit will give a special gift for those girls who asked a question.

Luis: Thank you so much, Fahrenheit for dropping by here at our show. E-Live will be right back.


The interview had finished. I quickly ran outside the E-Live studio and cried inside the washroom. Cris and Heidi followed me and comforted me. To them, I said, “Maybe, I can’t come with you anymore at Fahrenheit’s fans day. Please tell to my BFFs to have fun.” “Are you sure?” Cris asked. I nodded. They both left me and proceeded to Studio 1 where the Fahrenheit fans day would be held.


At the following day, third Sunday of the month of May and Fahrenheit’s second day in Manila, my BFFs are already at the studio of ASAP Rocks. I called Clarize, “I’m here at the back. Don’t worry. They wouldn’t see me.” An avid viewer of the show asked me, “Are you Calvin’s ex-girlfriend? You look so familiar.” I didn’t answer her. Around 2:30pm, Christian Bautista, Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and Kim Chiu introduced Fahrenheit. After VTR had shown, Fahrenheit entered the ASAP stage. They sang “Liu Xia Lai / Stay With Me.” Julienne sent me a text message saying “I think this song is for you, jie. –Julienne” It’s already Calvin’s part. I felt sadness while he was singing this song. I went out of the studio and asked the event marshal, “May I ask? Where is the dressing room of Fahrenheit? I’m Rose Chiu, their Filipino friend and Calvin’s ex-girlfriend.” The event marshal showed me the way and said to him that I’m going to stay inside Fahrenheit’s dressing room.


After few minutes of waiting, someone knocked the door. I know it’s Fahrenheit. He opened the door and it’s them! Jiro screamed my name and Chun, Aaron, and he hugged me. Calvin was so shocked that I’m here. I asked Calvin, “Can we talk for a moment?”


Jiro, Aaron, and Chun left the dressing room; only Calvin and I were inside. Now the time has come to clarify the misunderstanding we had. My phone was ringing, but Calvin turned it off. So who will start this private conversation? Is it me or him?


(find out on Chapter 11)

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